[ANNOUNCE] New Win32 GUI available

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Mon Feb 16 10:56:16 EST 1998

A new GUI RC5DES Client that runs on Win32 platforms is now available for
download.  This new GUI is based off of the 2.7013.396 client source base
and features significant revisions to its GUI design to improve the overall
ease of use of the client.  Most users will not likely find any dramatic
increase in speed compared to previous versions however it is recommended
that user upgrade anyway, if possible.

Additionally, the GUI client is now distributed as a single-file,
self-extracting, self-installing executable that features a simple to use
installer.  The addition of the new installer will allow us to more easily
target users that are not comfortable manually unzipping and copying files
to install the client on their machine.

The GUI client also features a WinHelp file with an improved set of
documentation regarding the client.  This should hopefully reduce the
number of questions and problems a new user may have starting the client.

This initial version of the new GUI design has some known limitations, such
as the font in the help file being too small, the web links not working if
your browser has not been properly registered to handle "http://" execute
requests, and probably a few other small items.

If you discover an issue in this new GUI client, I'd appreciate it if such
bug reports could be sent directly to me at bovine at distributed.net so that
I can resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Jeff Lawson     <jlawson at hmc.edu>    <bovine at distributed.net>
Original Organizer/Programmer of the Bovine RC5 Cracking Effort
"An idle computer is a terrible thing!" <http://www.distributed.net/>

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