[ANNOUNCE] Stats Oddities

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Sep 3 17:37:42 EDT 1998

As you've may have noticed, the stats run last night looks a bit
odd.  There are two factors contributing to this weirdness:

o First, as many people had realized, due to a processing glitch
  we accidently counted 30-Aug data twice.  If you saw your stats
  drop last night it's because re removed the duplicate data for
  30-Aug during last night's run.

o Second, we finally added the missing 12-Jul data.  12-Jul was the
  day immediately prior to DES-II-2, and stats were pulled offline
  for conversion.  Somewhere along the line, we (I) never imported
  data for this day.  Those logs were processed last night as well.
  This is why you may see people in the stats who gained ranking
  last night without having completed blocks yesterday.  Anyone 
  who was active on 12-Jul got a boost, even if they were not
  active yesterday.

Everything will stabilize during tonight's run, this was just a
minor "correction" problem and things should return to normal 
from here on out.

Sorry for any inconvienence and confusion this may have caused.
Thanks again for your participation and support.

-David McNett
 nugget at distributed.net

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