Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Wed Jan 6 18:54:06 EST 1999

Well, the past 24 hours have certainly been very exciting and busy around
here. Just in case anyone hasn't heard, we're now running a test DES
contest. This contest is to test our readiness for DES-III, which starts
Jan. 18th at 1700GMT.

The fast-switch code worked splendidly. Even though the number of
people running new clients capable of handling the fast startup is small,
we were able to ramp up to a DES keyrate of 22Gk/s within a few hours. It
took about 20 hours to hit this rate in DES-II-2. After 5 hours, our
overall keyrate was ~30Gk/s, and after 24 hours, it's ~43Gk/s. After our
first day of working on the test contest, we've handed out 38.84% of the
keyspace, and 5.14% of it has been checked.

Aside from testing the fast-switch code, this test contest is also
supposed to identify bugs and other problems before the real contest.
Well, it's certainly doing that! Below is a list of bugs that we know
about. Please don't email us about these bugs anymore; we're working on
them and will have fixes out as soon as possible.

If you find new bugs, please send email to rc5help at distributed.net. Please
provide detailed information about the bug and any testing you've done.
("My client doesn't work" doesn't help us much... ;) ) Also, please
understand that you probably won't get a personal reply back, we simply
don't have time to reply to everyone.

On a bit of a more personal note, I want to thank all the coders and
operations people for all the hard work they've done in the past week. I
know many people have been going with very little sleep at times just to
get stuff out the door and to keep things running smooth. I'm confident
that all of this effort at this time will make DES-III the smoothest
running contest we've ever had.

Please keep an eye on the 'fingerboard'
(http://www.distributed.net/cgi/dnet-finger.cgi) for more up-to-date info,
and as always, feel free to join us in channel #distributed on EFNet.

Keep cracking!
distributed.net Human Interface

* Buglist *
Please note that many client bugs have been fixed in version 426. We
recommend anyone having problems upgrade.

Trouble connecting to the keyserver network:
The 300/301 full proxies and master aren't nearly as stable as we'd like
them to be. Because of this we've had some trouble getting keys out to
everyone. We're working hard to isolate the problems here and fix them.
There have also been reports of client error messages stating that TCP/IP
isn't installed on the machine. This may be a seperate issue; we are
investigating it.

Win32GUI: Won't save some .ini settings
Known bug, being worked on.

Win32GUI: Configuration dialog won't allow you to turn on DES processing
Remove the 'processdes=' line from the .ini file. Fixed in 426.

Windows Clients: Won't process DES blocks
Shutdown the client, remove the 'processdes=' line from the .ini file, and
restart. Fixed in 426.

Mac Clients: Hangs on MacOS prior to version 8
The current mac clients do not like older versions of MacOS. Affects RC5
and DES.

Mac Clients: Client hangs under DES
The mac client doesn't like having multi-threading enabled for DES. Being
worked on.

Mac Clients: Problems sharing buffers over a network
The mac client doesn't like to share the buffer files over a network.
Being worked on.

Personal Proxy: Trouble connecting to network
See above. Also, v300 pproxies won't connect to v280/282 full proxies. See
the proxy info page (http://www.distributed.net/des/proxyinfo.html) for
which proxies are at which version.
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