[ANNOUNCE] [DCTI] EFF/John Gilmore Announcement

David McNett nugget at distributed.net
Tue Jan 19 19:30:55 EST 1999

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 11:22:02 -0800
From: John Gilmore <gnu at toad.com>

There will be a press conference at noon today in the main hall at the
RSA Data Security conference, in the San Jose Convention Center in
downtown San Jose, California.  The public is invited -- and in
particular, we'd like as many Distributed.Net participants to show up
as possible!

So, anyone who's been cracking DES on their machine(s) and who
receives this in time to drive to San Jose, please come and take a
collective bow for the worldwide cryptography cracking effort.  (None
of the Distributed.Net organizers lives nearby, so we're depending on
local volunteer participants to come and represent Distributed.net.)

	*  Enter the convention center at the main entrance.
	*  Go up the right-hand stairway inside the entrance.
	*  Meet under the IBM banner.
	*  Conference staff will escort us to the main hall.
	*  We'll try to gather and sit as a group.

I'll see you there!

	John Gilmore
	Electronic Frontier Foundation

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