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It's been quite some time since the last official "State of the Net"
from distributed.net and there's quite a bit going on that needs to be
addressed.  We've had such good success with the staff .plans
(http://n0cgi.distributed.net/cgi/dnet-finger.cgi) that these
announcement emails just haven't been necessary as often as they once

Still, there's a good bit of information that's not addressed in the
.plan files, and enough of it is brewing that we all felt an official
announcement post was warranted.  So, here we go...  the SOTN:

In an effort to re-affirm our goals and motivations, and to better
reflect the past few years of growth and development, we've put
together a fresh new mission statement.  Our cover letter to the world,
it explains what distributed.net is and what we hope to accomplish.
http://www.distributed.net/mission.html is our attempt to embody the
motivations that bring us all together.

Probably the most timely event is the very satisfying "10.030%" on the
main rc5-64 stats page.  In the time we've been involved with rc5-64,
we've done the equivalent of over 25 rc5-56 contests.  10% is a nice
milestone for the rc5-64 contest, and we'd like to do something special
to highlight the event.  We sat down with an abacus and the keymaster
logs to determine who submitted the one block that pushed us past 10%.
Team Slashdot will be pleased to see that one of their own,
mycroft at anticlockwise.com was that person. 

The fine folks from Team Earth Rocket (#98) have graciously donated
some top quality steaks from Omaha Steaks (http://www.omahasteaks.com/)
for mycroft.  Moo!  We'll also toss in a complimentary distributed.net
t-shirt, as soon as they're available.

If there are vegetarian concerns, a fruit basket from Harry and David
(http://www.harryanddavid.com/) is a fine alternative.

On the near horizon are two projects, OGR and CSC.  Many of you are
probably familiar with OGR but CSC is a new venture which we expect to
undertake very shortly.  The CS-Cipher Challenge is organized by CS
Communications & Systems and will last one year, through March 17,
2000.  It is meant to demonstrate how weak a 56-bit key is against
brute force attacks. A 10,000 Euros prize is at stake, and we plan on
bringing it home!  (at today's exchange rate, that's US$10,227)


Thanks in part to our rapid growth and expansion, we've once again felt
the need to upgrade the keymaster hardware.  This past week saw us
adding new drives, a cd-r unit for archiving logfiles, a new CPU, and a
larger case.  Thanks to everyone for making the upgrade necessary.

Our growth is stunning.  For the past year we've averaged an increase
of 4.5GKeys/sec every month.  A year ago it took us 97 days to do 1% of
the keyspace, now it takes us just about 28 days.  Our keyrate on
4-Jul-1998 was 21.88 GKeys/sec, this year we're at 76.81 GKeys/sec.  

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank all of our regional
representatives, handling support and interface issues with over 50
countries now.  (http://www.distributed.net/regional/)  As a reminder,
the web site is available in English, French, and Russian if you have
your language priority set in your browser.  We're always looking for
willing translators to expand that list to other languages.  If you're
interested in taking up that responsibility, the translator position is
listed on our "help wanted" page: http://www.distributed.net/jobs/

We're also very excited to congratulate George Woltman and all of our
friends involved in the Great Internet Mersenne Primes Search
(http://www.mersenne.org/) for their discovery of the first known
million-digit prime number.  Chalk up another victory for distributed

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