[HARDWARE] A load of motherboards: progress to date.

Jeremy Patches zoomman at one.net
Wed Jul 1 12:43:07 EDT 1998

Mike Fisher wrote:
> At 10:32 PM 6/30/98 +0000, you wrote:
> >A couple of months ago I posted my proposed plan to stick a load of
> >motherboards in a box.
> >There seemed to be some interest, so here's an update.
> >
> >I decided that a whole load of 486's was only going to be as good as a
> >couple of Pentium-II's and probably not worth the effort.  So, I decided
> >to go for Cyrix M2 200MHz chips (@233MHz) (good value I think).
> >The idea was to keep the boards pretty well bare; CPU, fan, 8MB RAM,
> >slim network card with EPROM boot chip, and to run multiple boards from
> >a small number of large power supplies.
>     [snip..]

Starship computer ( http://www.starshipcorp.com ) sells the old DEC
multia motherboards, and cases for 3-10 of them with room for a big
power supply and drives.  It's not a pentium II, but from my experience
the DES keyrate is up there....  Might be another interesting CPU farm.

Also- has anyone worked on a faster way of networking motherboards?  Why
not a PCI-PCI connection using some other protocol that would be better
suited to motherboard only communication?  Your motherboard project is
alot like a beowolf cluster, have you looked at the software available
for that?

Jeremy Patches
zoomman at one.net
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