[HARDWARE] A load of motherboards / BEOWULF

NP np at cableinet.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 02:38:24 EDT 1998

OK, my toy is not going to be up to Beowulf type performance, but then,
it's probably not going to be as expensive either !  (I'm paying about
95 UKP per unit (/node ?).

The Beowulf web pages I've seen seem to dive in at the deep end (for
Can someone clarify this for me; in simple terms, is the basic Beowulf
concept to be able to run a standard application "spread" over many CPUs
(/nodes ?).   This would be as oppose to my rather simplistic setup
which will allow an application to run on 1 and only 1 CPU ?

Thanks to anyone who can give some simple clarification on that.

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