[HARDWARE] Box for Cheap?

Jerome Lamarque jlamarque1 at cybercable.fr
Tue Jul 14 16:32:28 EDT 1998

Hi Poul and everyone,

À (At) 8:19 +0100 3/12/1999, Poul L. Christiansen écrivait (wrote) :
>Here in Denmark the BP6 costs about 160$ and a Celeron 366Mhz "in a box" costs
>about 84$.
>Thats 3Mkeys/s for 328$ if overclocked :-)

I think you've forgotten that celeron unlike PowerPC can't run at 
temperatures over 100 celsius degrees (120°C max for a G3) and the 
cooling system isn't free, unless you wanna change your celeron every 
fortnight, you'll have to buy one.

Since you're Danish and I am French, don't you think we could use 
Euro for sales price in Europe? ;-)

>Jerome Lamarque wrote:
> >
> > How much does it costs in US $ or euros?

C ya,

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