[HARDWARE] Format of rc5 files (fwd)

Ashton Vaz ashtonvaz at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 30 17:02:06 EDT 1998

Hello Christopher,

   I think that you're maybe the third or fourth post on this list in 
over six months...this list is pretty dead...everyone overloads the main 
rc5 lists with hardware information...it's really annoying....I think 
you should post your message to that list (rc5 at lists.distributed.net) 
and ask people to reply to this list (i.e. 
hardware at lists.distributed.net).  I have asked a couple of people about 
FPGA's and how to get them working, what they cost, etc. as I was 
interested in trying them on my own but haven't received any successful 
responses yet. Would you mind giving me/us a little more detail on how 
you have your FPGA's set up, how you programmed them, connections to the 
PC, cost, etc.? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Ashton Vaz
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>Subject: [HARDWARE] Format of rc5 files (fwd)
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>Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:25:29 +1000
>From: Christopher Fraser <chrisf at research.canon.com.au>
>To: rc5help at distributed.net
>Subject: Format of rc5 files
>We've a bunch of FPGAs in PCI cards we're interested in
>enlisting in the RC5-64 effort. Do you guys have any support for this
>kind of thing?
>Ideally, we would like some way of getting rc5desg to spwan a
>sub-process, which it dispatches key blocks to to (e.g., an input >pipe
>with key blocks and config, and an output pipe with progress and
>I realise you guys have a problem with authenticating key blocks which
>have been processed with code other than your own. It is possible that
>that part of the results we generate are a hash value of all the A & B
>registers after we've encypted the plain text? That way the rc5des
>program could selectively validate key blocks we've processed.
>We're not expecting a huge amount of grunt. It we got machines for all
>of the FPGAs currently spare going we could do maybe 14Mkeys/s (peak). 
>Anyway, I'm sure you're probably been through this before.
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