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Trei, Peter ptrei at securitydynamics.com
Fri May 1 14:50:54 EDT 1998

Look guys, I don't want to rain on your parade, but....

I don't think you've thought this out. The raw price of 
an FPGA chip is far from the cost of working system, and 
the speed increase is not as much as you would like.

I'm aware of only one working FPGA DES Keysearch engine. 
It runs on a Xilinx XC6216, testing 1.02 Mkeys/sec. The 
only commercially available PC development boards for 
this are in the range $600 - $1000.

At that price, you'd get more bang for the buck by buying a 
second complete Pentium PC. It would crack more keys/sec/$, 
and the first machine (the one where you were going to put
the board) would be available as well.

Now, I suspect that better, faster, cheaper designs are
possible (I'm working on one myself), but let's not get 
seduced by the technology.

D.N's software-only crack used on the order of $20M-$30M of

If you had a few hundred thousand dollars of funding, you
could probably get custom DES cracking chips made, and boards
to house them. At that point the economics get more
interesting, but a $10k prize will not recoup your expenses.

Peter Trei
ptrei at securitydynamics.com
trei at ziplink.net

"He who will not do arithmetic is doomed to speak nonsense"

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