[HARDWARE] Degeating the PII Clock Lock

mR gOBLIN goblin at scooter.co.nz
Sun Nov 1 15:45:03 EST 1998

For value for money you are right
I just got a Celeron 300A and set it running at 4.5 x 112Mhz FSB on a ABIT BH6
(These things are kewl) it runs at 504Mhz and pumps out 1.42Mkeys/sec
And it will help a little if you have stability problems to bump up the voltage a
I put mine up from 2.0V to 2.05V (with a BH6 you can bump this up 0.05V a time)
you can safely go up to 2.02V just got to worry about the heat
Heat is your CPU's enemy get rid of it anyway you can.
Now this is fine for cracking blocks but can be just a little unstable when
running apps
I would just recommend running a 4.5 x 100 FSB if you still want to use this as a
computer as well

Happy Cracking

Phillip Chambers wrote:

> The trouble I've found with odd PCI bus speeds has been with SCSI
> controllers, which don't like it at all, but as you said I've never has any
> problems with any other type of card...
> I found with my Avansys PCI Ultra SCSI-2 would boot at 75MHz bus, but not
> function correctly, and at 83.3 it wouldn't even detect the controller chip!
> Phil
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> > The PCI bus runs at half the main bus speed when it's at 66, 75,
> > or 83.  At 100, 103, and 133 it runs at 1/3 bus.
> >
> > Most times if the PCI bus runs much higher than 33MHz, you'll run
> > into props with your adapter cards.
> Yes, I have seen that posted on sites, like tomshardware, but
> I've never had any problem with my devices running a 75 or 83mhz
> bus. I've tried 3 different video cards (one which used PCI 1.02), 2
> sound cards, 2 differents modems, never had a problem. Maybe I've
> just been lucky though. (Hercules Stingray 128, S3 Trio 64V+,
> some digital board with a S3 Vision864 chip on it, 56K Winmodem,
> USR, 33.6 Zoom V.34I+, SB16 (CT2890 on the SB site for the
> specs), Asound Gold).
> >The The 350MHz PII uses 100MHz bus too. The 300 and 333 are
> >supposed to use 66MHz, but can be coaxed to use 100MHz with >the right
> board and RAM.
> That's why I said
> "the 350 Mhz PII [not including that], Intel used a 66mhz bus on
> their chips. The 350+ use a 100mhz bus. [including the 350]"
> And as far as PC66 SDRAM, I don't know--never used it. But it
> makes sense that it'd work at 100mhz since I've seen PC100 go up
> to 133mhz bus. All I know is that straight EDO SIMMs won't run
> any faster than 66mhz.
> >Which board are you talking about, I recommended the P2B-D
> >which is a dual BX board.
> Of course, if you want to overclock a dual PII-333 system by
> raising the bus (which seems to be the easiest way, esp. with the
> newer chips being multiplier-locked at 5.0), you'll need the BX
> chipset
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