[HARDWARE] Degeating the PII Clock Lock

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>The trouble I've found with odd PCI bus speeds has been with SCSI
>controllers, which don't like it at all, but as you said I've never has any
>problems with any other type of card...
>I found with my Avansys PCI Ultra SCSI-2 would boot at 75MHz bus, but not
>function correctly, and at 83.3 it wouldn't even detect the controller
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>> The PCI bus runs at half the main bus speed when it's at 66, 75,
>> or 83.  At 100, 103, and 133 it runs at 1/3 bus.
>> Most times if the PCI bus runs much higher than 33MHz, you'll run
>> into props with your adapter cards.
>Yes, I have seen that posted on sites, like tomshardware, but
>I've never had any problem with my devices running a 75 or 83mhz
>bus. I've tried 3 different video cards (one which used PCI 1.02), 2
>sound cards, 2 differents modems, never had a problem. Maybe I've
>just been lucky though. (Hercules Stingray 128, S3 Trio 64V+,
>some digital board with a S3 Vision864 chip on it, 56K Winmodem,
>USR, 33.6 Zoom V.34I+, SB16 (CT2890 on the SB site for the
>specs), Asound Gold).
>>The The 350MHz PII uses 100MHz bus too. The 300 and 333 are
>>supposed to use 66MHz, but can be coaxed to use 100MHz with >the right
>board and RAM.
>That's why I said
>"the 350 Mhz PII [not including that], Intel used a 66mhz bus on
>their chips. The 350+ use a 100mhz bus. [including the 350]"
>And as far as PC66 SDRAM, I don't know--never used it. But it
>makes sense that it'd work at 100mhz since I've seen PC100 go up
>to 133mhz bus. All I know is that straight EDO SIMMs won't run
>any faster than 66mhz.
>>Which board are you talking about, I recommended the P2B-D
>>which is a dual BX board.
>Of course, if you want to overclock a dual PII-333 system by
>raising the bus (which seems to be the easiest way, esp. with the
>newer chips being multiplier-locked at 5.0), you'll need the BX

In regards to all of this.

I happen to have a very bad Trident Video card that makes me have my clock
speed for my 200 mhz Cyrix set down to 133. Someday I might have enough
money to junk the thing and get a pII. Or Else I'll just buy a Diamond Viper

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