[HARDWARE] Emailed Logs

C Huffman cbhiii-rc5 at ic.net
Tue Sep 1 15:38:46 EDT 1998

Weird. Never heard of that, but I received this from Distributed.Net when I
also asked them about email logs problems.

From: "Peter A. DeNitto" <denitto at llamas.net>
To: C Huffman <cbhiii-rc5 at ic.net>
Subject: Re: Automatic Email Logs

As a proxy runner, I see thousands of misconfigured email log clients a
day. What you need to do is set your smtp server to the machine you receive
mail on. Otherwise, it attemtps to deliver the message thru the proxy machine,
which then rejects the email because it's not a local user.


Maybe contact Pete, he had some good info for me earlier...

At 02:14 PM 9/1/98 -0400, Drew Deyell wrote:
>I've been using the log email feature for quite some time now but just
>disabled it on one of my remote machines yesterday.  The client running on
>that machine made over 1300 attempts to mail the logs through someone else's
>rc5 proxy instead of the mailserver it was told to use...
>anyone else notice this happening?

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