[HARDWARE] But why?

PANTHERS95 at aol.com PANTHERS95 at aol.com
Wed Sep 2 16:21:47 EDT 1998

>My win32 GUI client says when I'm trying to view keyrate graph that it could
not load >any data for graphing. but why the client can read data from the
>My Question is why it cant produce graph?
>how much completed block data does it wants to show graph?

I think this has to do with the comma in the reported key per second that was
added in the 2.7100.416 client.  


[Sep 01 18:46:25 GMT] Completed RC5 block 716BDB9A:D0000000 (805306368 keys)
[Sep 01 18:46:25 GMT] 0.00:20:47.42 - [645,577.56 keys/sec]
                                                                There it is.
I do not think it is in previous clients.  This may cause the client to not
recognize the figures.

Hope I helped,
Nate Thames
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