[HARDWARE] But why?

Phillip Chambers pj.technology at virgin.net
Thu Sep 3 00:39:24 EDT 1998

That's a interesting theory...the only thing I've noticed is that my old log
file works and updates with the 2.71 client, but freshly installed versions
of it as you've all said won't generate logs - no graph :o(
However - e-mail logs seem to work fine...!

Phil Chambers, UK

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>>My win32 GUI client says when I'm trying to view keyrate graph that it
>not load >any data for graphing. but why the client can read data from the
>>My Question is why it cant produce graph?
>>how much completed block data does it wants to show graph?
>I think this has to do with the comma in the reported key per second that
>added in the 2.7100.416 client.
>[Sep 01 18:46:25 GMT] Completed RC5 block 716BDB9A:D0000000 (805306368
>[Sep 01 18:46:25 GMT] 0.00:20:47.42 - [645,577.56 keys/sec]
>                                                                There it
>I do not think it is in previous clients.  This may cause the client to not
>recognize the figures.
>Hope I helped,
>Nate Thames
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