Brian Macy bmacy at sunshinecomputing.com
Thu Sep 3 11:29:48 EDT 1998

>>Does anyone know if there are plans for a K6-2 optimised client?
>>Sitting here running one, wanting to know.
>>Surely someone can get a few tweaks out of the 3DNow! instructions?
>3DNow! accelerates single-precision floating point - neither RC5 nor DES
>any floating point, and even SETI and GIMPS probably use double

I'm glad someone pointed that out :) I deleted the mail before I realized I
should have responded.

>BTW, still waiting for non-Intel MMX accelerated code - surely AMD's MMX
>hardware is as fast as Intel's (they licensed it !) - and Cyrix's is
>to be good despite (because?) of it being original.

Actual, even Intel PII and Celeron chips don't use MMX for RC5. Only Intel
Pentium MMX chips (at least so I read in some RC5 FAQ). I have no idea why
this is but if someone would enlighten me I'd appreciate it.

Brian Macy

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