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Thu Sep 3 17:38:31 EDT 1998

'Brian Macy' said previously:
| Actual, even Intel PII and Celeron chips don't use MMX for RC5. Only Intel
| Pentium MMX chips (at least so I read in some RC5 FAQ). I have no idea why
| this is but if someone would enlighten me I'd appreciate it.

The Pentium and the Pentium Pro/PII each have one MMX pipeline.  However,
the Pentium Pro/PII can issue far more integer instructions in parallel
with fewer restrictions than a Pentium can.  So, what that means is that
MMX performance on Pentium vs. Pentium Pro/PII is probably about the same,
but integer got enough better that MMX was no longer a win on Pentium Pro/PII.



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