Matthew Toseland Matthew.Toseland at btinternet.com
Fri Sep 4 19:20:14 EDT 1998

On Thu, 03 Sep 1998, you wrote:
>Well Mattew, who shit in your Wheaties this morning?!
No need to be unpleasant - I only found out that you'd crossposted it AFTER I
sent the message; now I *definitely* stick with what I said.  Most people on
hardware are either on rc5 or don't want to discuss rc5 config issues...

Oh, and if you don't think posting to the wrong group is slightly annoying, I
suggest you note the second independant stupid query about 3DNow! in as many
days (the first one was on hardware; the second on rc5; I didn't send either of
them as I'm not that stupid and the first was sent before you replied...)

>At 05:04 PM 9/3/98 +0100, Matthew Toseland wrote:
>>On Tue, 01 Sep 1998, C Huffman wrote:
>>>I am kind of surprised that I don't hear or see more talk about DUNCE from
>>>Vector Development. It's that program that automates your dial-up
>>>connection to the net. http://www.vecdev.com/dunce.html
I'm kind of surprised that it's "free"ware given the crossposting... maybe they 
have banner ads?
>>>I'm running it on 6 units so far. And I'd thought that I'd share this with
>>>anyone who hasn't heard of it yet. 
>>>It allows you to connect AND DISCONNECT automatically at specified times of
>>>the day, or you can set it for "connect on demand" mode, but it doesn't
>>>disconnect automatically in that mode.
>>>Does anyone use this, or is there a better one out there, that I should be
>>Oh WOW... a) What does this have to do with RC5? Very little, but possibly
>>justifiable b) What does this have to do with distributed HARDWARE? Even
>>less...  And if you are running a dedicated cracker rack (HARDWARE,
>remember? -
>>just installing it on 500 work PCs doesn't count as hardware) - you will
>>presumably be running Linux (or possibly DOS if you don't need networking and
>>can't be bothered to set Linux up for the negligible performance increase
>>multithreading, or have less than 2M RAM in each) - and so you can use a cron
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