[HARDWARE] Cheap hardware

Paul Kenyon pkenyon at loctech.com
Wed Sep 23 13:16:38 EDT 1998

Greg Hewgill wrote:
> Ok, I'm going to try to build some cheap computing machines. So far, I've
> ordered the following items (from Multiwave Direct, www.mwave.com):
> $93.00
> The general idea here is to overclock the Celeron to 400 or 450 MHz (I hear
> they're good for that). I couldn't find 16 MB of PC100 memory so I went for
> 32 MB. The Kingston ethernet card apparently has an NE2000 compatible
> (non-PNP) mode. I'll find a cheap ATX case somewhere, the cheapest ATX case
> Multiwave had was $50.

What is the performance difference between same clockspeed Celeron and PII? 
I would think that the onchip cache would make a hell of a difference.  I
have a PentiumMMX-233 (OC 250) on a TopGun motherboard (1MB cache), and it is
more than twice as fast as my P-133 at work.  And there is no difference in
the RC5 cores for MMX, just the DES cores.  I think the cache lets it churn
away a little bit quicker...  Of course, you just can't beat the price of
that celeron chip!  Now isnt the BX chipset for the 100MHz buss PII's?  Cause
I heard that you can't put the Celeron in a PII board.  Or maybee it was just
the other way around?  Anyways, it's obviously been done here.  I guess I
should take a look at Intel's bloated web page to figure all this stuff out. 
One other thing - will celerons work in a dual processor board?


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