[HARDWARE] Cheap hardware

Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Wed Sep 23 23:19:15 EDT 1998

> > Total ... $264.50
Pretty good price, although you forgot some parts...

You also need a floppy drive, a power supply (never mind the case...
just stuff it in a box :)) and a CPU fan.


> as these
> > machines will be keyboard/mouse/monitor-less, I probably don't need
> to buy
> > more than one video card.

Remember to tell the BIOS that you have no GFX card... otherwise you won't
be able to boot.

> In future machines, make sure that you buy the ABIT BH6 board. I
> recommend it for the best Celeron(A) overclocker for its cool SOFTWARE
> features. Its totally jumperless I think. And its the easiest to use
> it and overclock. You can even increase the voltage to the Celeron by
> some minute amount to get it to work at 450mhz. It also has a PCI
> divider to prevent your devices from going poof at too high bus
> speeds. Its simply the best overclocking BX chipset board. Go for it.
> One last thing, just make sure the Celeron you buy is the Mendicino
> core and not the older one.
> The older one does not have as much overclocking capacity.
> Please correct if I made any wrong statements.

The BH6 is really a great board (i have one myself), but it does have
_one_ jumper... the BIOS reset thing for saving you if you set the CPU
speed too high and cannot boot :)

As for the mendocino core, is that the CeleronA ? If it is, don't get
that, as a celeron without cache is just as fast for RC5 as one with 128k.

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