[HARDWARE] Newark Xpress [Was Re: AD Sharc DSP's]

Paul Kenyon pkenyon at loctech.com
Wed Sep 23 17:34:48 EDT 1998

Andrew Burgess wrote:
> In mail.hardware you write:
> >Well, I would LOVE to work w/ DSP's, but I don't know anything about them,
> >other than they are like mcu's on steroids.  Newark Xpress has AD's EZ-Kit
> Yahoo has no reference for Newark Xpress. Are they on the web?

Yeow!!  Sorry for the late late reply.  I missed this piece of mail
somehow...  Anyways, I just called up Newark at 800-Newark-X (800-639-2759),
and they told me that Newark Xpress is just the fancy name for their catalog
of frequently ordered items.  Their website is at http://www.newark.com and
you can order on there as well.  Them and Hamilton-Hallmark (
http://www.hamilton.com I think) give away quite a few freebies, so you might
take a look there every once in a while.


P.S.  I was at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City last weekend, and I was
looking at the new books while waiting for a librarian to look for ITU
standards.  Anyways, there was a book, something about Hardware based
Crypto.  I think it was actually a collection of papers from an IEEE event. 
(They got 'em all!)  Well, I grabbed it in a hurry, and sure enough, I found
an article about cracking DES with FPGA's.  I am going to go back there and
find the article, and get a copy of it.  (it's only 3 pages w/ refs.)  Then
I'm going to try and get ahold of the authors and put it on my web site.  In
the mean time, I'll give you all a summary.  I'm not really anal about
copyright, but I have lots of respect for researchers. ;-)

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