[HARDWARE] Cheap hardware

Phillip Chambers pj.technology at virgin.net
Wed Sep 23 22:06:04 EDT 1998

Ok - keyrates first:

Celeron 266 at 448MHz - 1.25MKeys/sec
Celeron 300a at 450MHz - 1.26MKeys/sec - now don't forget this chip has 128k of
ondie cache - which runs at the full speed of the CPU (unlike the 512k of
halfspeed P2 cache), but as you can see it doesn't make any difference

To overclock it you first need either a ABIT BH6 motherboard (recommended
because it's jumperless) or a ASUStek P2B
With the BH6 you can set the FSB bus speed in the BIOS to more than what
it's supposed to be - ie. 100/112MHz instead of 66MHz, you can't change the
clock multiplier because it's locked on most P2's by intel. You can indeed
overclock most Intel chips - it's easier on some than others....Celeron is
the easiest, but I've had a P2-266 running at 336 for 4 months now without


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>How is it that you are overclocking the chip? Is there just a setting in
>the BIOS you can change,
>and can I do this with other chips besides celeron?
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>> Phillip Chambers wrote:
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>> > You can overclock the C266 to 448 with no problems at all, it's not
>> worth
>> > going for the 300a with cache as this makes no improvment to the
>> keyrate
>> > seemingly....
>> > I have 5 of these BH6's now and they really are great - as someone
>> else said
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>> What kinda keyrates are you getting?
>> Paul
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