[HARDWARE] Cheap hardware

Phillip Chambers pj.technology at virgin.net
Wed Sep 23 22:16:05 EDT 1998

>What is the performance difference between same clockspeed Celeron and PII?
>I would think that the onchip cache would make a hell of a difference.

There doesn't seem to be any difference between chips with or without cache
RAM - don't know why this is though!

>have a PentiumMMX-233 (OC 250) on a TopGun motherboard (1MB cache), and it
>more than twice as fast as my P-133 at work.  And there is no difference in
>the RC5 cores for MMX, just the DES cores.  I think the cache lets it churn
>away a little bit quicker...  Of course, you just can't beat the price of
>that celeron chip!

Now isnt the BX chipset for the 100MHz buss PII's?  Cause
>I heard that you can't put the Celeron in a PII board.  Or maybee it was
>the other way around?  Anyways, it's obviously been done here.  I guess I
>should take a look at Intel's bloated web page to figure all this stuff

That's a popular misconception - in fact most dealers in the UK even tell
you a Celeron won't work in a BX - however it will. They might try and sell
you an EX board with L2 cache on the board - but for RC5 you don't need it.

>One other thing - will celerons work in a dual processor board?

Not as they come - BUT! You can do some 'special modifications' if you are
handy with a soldering iron...and with 2 Celeron 266's clocked to 448 on an
ASUS P2B-DS board, you have nearly 1GHz of power!


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