[HARDWARE] Newark Xpress [Was Re: AD Sharc DSP's]

Berndt Josef Wulf wulf at ping.net.au
Thu Sep 24 09:00:26 EDT 1998

Paul Kenyon wrote
> P.S.  I was at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City last weekend, and I was
> looking at the new books while waiting for a librarian to look for ITU
> standards.  Anyways, there was a book, something about Hardware based
> Crypto.  I think it was actually a collection of papers from an IEEE event. 
> (They got 'em all!)  Well, I grabbed it in a hurry, and sure enough, I found
> an article about cracking DES with FPGA's.  I am going to go back there and
> find the article, and get a copy of it.  (it's only 3 pages w/ refs.)  Then
> I'm going to try and get ahold of the authors and put it on my web site.  In
> the mean time, I'll give you all a summary.  I'm not really anal about
> copyright, but I have lots of respect for researchers. ;-)


can you give us some details on that paper (e.g.
Title/Author/Ref.Nr.)? There is a chance that the local university
library may have it in their archive. 

cheerio Berndt
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