[HARDWARE] Cheap hardware

Greg Hewgill greg at hewgill.com
Wed Sep 23 21:45:19 EDT 1998

Wow, thanks for all the great responses! I knew I should have asked here
before I spent money. Oh well. :)

* The overwhelming opinion is to use the ABIT BH6 motherboard. That's $101
instead of $95 and was my second choice anyway.

* Sounds like I should go for the Celeron 266 instead of the 300, as the 300
has a hardwired 4.5 multiplier. We'll see if this one can do 4.5 x 100.

* I was going to pick up a CPU fan somewhere, but the 266 with fan and 3yr
warranty is $86 vs $80 without the fan or warranty (looks like the price
dropped at mwave.com today). The 266 is sounding like a better deal. I am
willing to forego any performance improvement with the 300a/333 on the basis
of price (300a is twice the price of a 266).

* I may have screwed up the network card choice. I had read the specs on the
Kingston card and it didn't seem to imply that it needed a boot-time program
to kick it into NE2000 mode. Oh well, I can use a spare one until I get a
permanent one. The Netgear FA310TX card is $29.

* I'm going to pick up a case locally, at $59 it's cheaper than $50+shipping
(cases cost $20 to ship UPS ground). The local computer shop sells just
power supplies for $59 too, so it's worth it to get a case instead.

* Somehow I missed the floppy drive. I was sure I clicked on it. Oh well,
I'll get one locally.

* Although intriguing, I don't really want to go the floppy-only or Netware
route because I may want to use these machines for more than RC5. Mersenne
primes need two 1MB+ save files which rules out floppies, and future
projects may not all have DOS clients which rules out Netware.

* I'm pretty sure I won't need video cards for each machine. Under Linux, as
long as you have the network working there's no difference between telnet
and the local console. :)

Okay, here's version 2 (I haven't bought this yet <g>) - without the video
card because I will already have one.

ABIT BH6 ... $101
Celeron 266 w/fan ... $86
32MB PC100 ... $37.50 (price went down!)
Netgear FA310TX ... $29
TEAC 1.44 ... $19
Case ... $59
Misc cables ... $10

Total ... $341.50

One question - I can use a PCI video card in an AGP motherboard, right? Of
course, the Trident 9750 AGP is just $25 anyway, so it's not like that is a

Greg Hewgill

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