[HARDWARE] Cheap hardware

Me jarmstro at powerup.com.au
Fri Sep 25 01:07:49 EDT 1998

>What is the performance difference between same clockspeed Celeron and PII?
>I would think that the onchip cache would make a hell of a difference.  I

I found the Celeron was as good as the same speed PII.

For interest ...,

IDT Winchip at 233   ~420kkeys

replaced by an IBM/Cyrix P233+ MX    ~628kkeys

AMD DX4x100 486   ~60kkeys
Celeron 300   860kkeys
PII 266          720kkeys
PPro 150      ~400kkeys

All of these were running Win95. The PPro is now configured with Linux but
I've not timed it yet.

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