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Troy Thoele tthoele at UTILITIES.TAMU.EDU
Fri Sep 25 11:22:02 EDT 1998

>>> "Raetsel" <raetsel at home.com> 09/23 10:19 PM >>>
Okay folks... I'm new here, so maybe this has gone the rounds -- but here

    We're all working on a massively math-intense project here, regarding
this there can be no argument.  We have checked over a half-million trillion
keys, and yet exhausted only 2.5% of the possibilities.  I'm not saying
anything new here, you all know this from the stats pages.


    Granted, they put $2 million into this thing.  However, does anyone
think we can come up with a ~$500 PCI device that'll do greater than, say,
25 MKeys/sec?  Something like a crypto-coprocessor?  It'd also have to play
well with others (work in multiple board arrays).  That would be the
equivalent of over 10 dual PIIs (or Celerons).  That's the way I think this
contest would be best approached.

Raetsel -

Check out Digital Signal processors.  These CPU's are self contained, cheap, and easy to run in multiples.  Right now I'm working with Analog Devices SHARC processors, and this thing does 120MFLOPS at 40Mhz.  TI makes a chip that approaches a GFLOP on a single chip.  

I can't get the RC5 core code ported to this chip yet because the creators (in thier infinite wisdom???) chose C++ rather than ANSI C for the core routines.  That's where I'm stuck at.  I paid $120 for this proto board and the development software (See analogs web site at www.analog.com for more info).

These things scale 6 to a bus, and cluster with a serial interface.  There's companies with up to 20 processors on a single board.  For scalar computing this is it.  I think this is what the HARDWARE list is for, and I would love to hook up with other developers interested in creating a machine as a generic cracking engine.  Can we build a generic Deep Crack????  Hell yes, there's enough of us with the drive to do it.  Anyone interested, Email me.


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