[HARDWARE] RC5 and Dual processor running Linux

Paul Kenyon pkenyon at loctech.com
Fri Sep 25 14:33:24 EDT 1998

John Price wrote:
> This is from a friend.  Maybe someone can help?
> >Would anyone on the RC5 hardware mailing list know if the Linux x86 client
> >can use dual processors? I would like to know if I somehow have the  client
> >set wrong or if something is wrong with my kernel.

Well, there is an option for how many processors the client works on.  This
is set to (-1) by default, or auto detect.  The Kernel must be compiled for
SMP support to use the second processor.  If that isn't compiled in, then
that other processor is just sitting there idle.  (What a waste!)  It is
kindof easy to setup SMP under linux.  Just uncomment a line, I think with
__SMP__.  Anyways, just read the /usr/src/linux/Documentation/smp.tex file. 
If he still can't get it working, I have a friend he can talk to for help.


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