[HARDWARE] Cheap hardware

Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Sat Sep 26 21:04:24 EDT 1998

> >Celeron 266 at 448MHz - 1.25MKeys/sec
> >Celeron 300a at 450MHz - 1.26MKeys/sec - now don't forget this chip has 128k of
> >ondie cache - which runs at the full speed of the CPU (unlike the 512k of
> >halfspeed P2 cache), but as you can see it doesn't make any difference
> Do those things still have L1 cahce? If so how much?
> Perhaps the L2 cache makes no difference because on a dedicated cracker
> everything important fits in the L1 cache.

The L2 cache is used for speeding up memory and bus access, which isn't
being done much by the RC5 cracker.


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