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Totermann harbnger at intersurf.com
Tue Apr 27 20:58:13 EDT 1999

Sorry, RC5 is not a "per character cypher" (ie it doesn't set all "A" to be "Z",
etc.) instead, it converts the whole message, "adding" the 8 byte cypher key to
each group of 8 characters.

Russell Hemery wrote:

> At 04:15 PM 27/04/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Matthew Smart wrote:
> >
> >> But RC5 is a symmetric algorithm, so decrypting is just as easy as
> >> encrypting.  And you only need to decrypt/encrypt the first block (64 bits)
> >> and compare it against the ASCII representation of "The ", which is the
> >> first part of "The unknown message is: ".
> >>
> >> So encrypting "The " and comparing against the given cyphertext should be
> >> the same as decrypting the first block of the cyphertext and comparing
> >> against "The ".
> An idea.. (from a complete novice in cryptography)
> There appears to be 15 known characters at the start of the "hidden message"
> t,h,e,u,n,k,o,w,m,s,a,g,i,: and space. with multiples of some.
> Statistically which are the least common of these characters in the English
> language? What if a search was mounted for a pattern matching least common
> part of the "known" message.
> Is this what bovine is doing or would this possibly work? "The" seems
> awfully common to search for.
> Cheers
> Russell
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