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Darxus darxus at Op.Net
Tue Apr 27 22:54:34 EDT 1999

I'm sending this to the rc5 list, since it's not actually hardware
specific, and I figure some others may be interested....

On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Robert Norton wrote:

> Still, I had an idea somewhat along those lines.  If RC5 is a giant
> mix master of the bits, it does so by going along many steps of
> blending.  If you could run backwards from the final one step, and
> still know some of the bits, say maybe 20 of the 64, then you could
> do a encoding pass up to just befoe the last step, and check only
> those 20 bits that are known.

Interesting.  Since it's one way encryption, you can't actually decrypt
it, but I could definately believe there's a possibility that, going
backwards through the algorithm, you could generate some probabilities.
Figure out which keys would be most likely to be correct....	

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