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White Hawk whitehawk at crabsystems.com
Tue Apr 20 22:06:52 EDT 1999

> OK, I'll be objective.  Where can I get a copy of FreeBSD to install
> (download from Internet)?

Um... ftp.cdrom.com. you will notice in their archive info center that 
that is what they are running on a P200 with a gig of ram and a half-
terabyte of HD space. all my shells use it too. but you can get it there. 
or at ftp.freebsd.org (SAME MACHINE) under /pub/FreeBSD they 
also have a way of installing if you have a lan connection or are good 
with a program called userppp... these will let you boot from the install 
floppies and install right from the ftp server without downloading it.
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