[HARDWARE] Prior posting on d-net's pages...

Drew Lanclos cutriss at null.net
Wed May 5 23:36:27 EDT 1999

I've asked this before, but checking my archives, I can't find any 
responses to it, so I'll ask again. About a year ago, I followed a link 
from boot Magazine which first introduced me to distributed.net. The link 
was to an article where one of the staffers was talking about the MP3 
player he constructed inside his Mazda MX-5. I can't find the document 
anywhere on the site anymore, and I'm looking for it, primarily because the 
author spoke a fair amount about crafting a power supply that draws off the 
battery. I need this for a project of mine. The other stuff is useful too, 
sure...but I'm mostly concerned with the power supply schematics.
Anyone who reads this that either wrote the artice, knows where I can find 
it, or has a backup copy of it...Please help me out! Thanks in advance...
Dr. Drew

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