[HARDWARE] Prior posting on d-net's pages...

Mike Barnett mbarn at ionet.net
Thu May 6 00:06:24 EDT 1999

On 5 May 99, at 22:36, Drew Lanclos wrote:

> I've asked this before, but checking my archives, I can't find any 
> responses to it, so I'll ask again. About a year ago, I followed a link 
> from boot Magazine which first introduced me to distributed.net. The link 
> was to an article where one of the staffers was talking about the MP3 
> player he constructed inside his Mazda MX-5. I can't find the document 
> anywhere on the site anymore, and I'm looking for it, primarily because the 
> author spoke a fair amount about crafting a power supply that draws off the 
> battery. I need this for a project of mine. The other stuff is useful too, 
> sure...but I'm mostly concerned with the power supply schematics.
> Anyone who reads this that either wrote the artice, knows where I can find 
> it, or has a backup copy of it...Please help me out! Thanks in advance...
> Dr. Drew

Here's the URL you're looking for:


They did develop the basic idea (a Linux-based MP3 player) a bit 


Hope this helps -- Mike

Mike Barnett       mbarn at ionet.net
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