[HARDWARE] got Mac?

ENOJON at delphi.com ENOJON at delphi.com
Wed Nov 24 10:01:09 EST 1999

<<> Does anyone know how a Mac will do with RC5???
> I plan to buy a G4

If you're buying it to crack keys, i recommend the intel celerys - best
speed/price ratio. The x86 CISC chips are quite a bit faster than most
RISC CPUs as these do not support the Rotate Left instruction and instead
must emulate it, ass opposed to the x86 which has it in hardware.>>
Hopefully it is not simply to run RC5.
I'm not sure which Celerys Jason has in mind, but the overall box cost
for Intel/AMD/Cyrix chips unit is lower than a Macintosh.  However, when
you factor in "netware", audio, video, Firewire, USB, etc etc if you are
looking for a computer which expands and has great features right out of
the box, the Mac is good.
Also, if you browse the client speed ratings, you'll find that the PPC
units running at equivalent Mhz/bus speed/cache slightly outperform
x86's on RC5.  Of course, the o/s variable impacts these stats.)
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