[HARDWARE] got Mac?

David Hemmings david.hemmings at virgin.net
Wed Nov 24 22:23:18 EST 1999

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>><<Does anyone know how a Mac will do with RC5???
>>I plan to buy a G4
>>Thanks in advance:
>>      Alexander Hofstee>>
>>G4 Macs have been rated at 1.4M keys/sec or better.
>>Throw in an Orange PC k6-2/3 card and you could easily clear 2.1M
>>Btw, totalimpact.com claims to be running 128 G4's -- I'm not sure if
>>they're competing in RC5 or CSC, but they did benchmark it using RC5
>is there a client for mac to crack csc?
Vetere's .plan shows the following

:: 24-Nov-1999 03:20 (Wednesday) ::
The following is a development bitslicing AltiVec G4 core.
Benchmarking CSC ... 100.00% done
Completed in 0.00:00:16.30 [2,251,498.52 keys/sec]

Very nice speed !

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