Robert Norton rjn at execpc.com
Sun Nov 28 12:11:27 EST 1999

Dmitri Besedin wrote:

> Robert,
> My Dual Celeron-550 system running Linux 6.0 does 1.52 MKey/sec at RC5 and
> 676 KKeys/sec at CSC per processor (that's 3.04 and 1.35 MKey/sec in total).
> Your PIII-550 is 10% slower at CSC, it's interesting why? What system are
> you running on it?

Hi Dmitri.  I'm running under Win98 SE :-( and I have Norton Utilities going all
the time.  I think the Celeron on chip cache is twice as fast as the Pentium
cache, that might be the difference.

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