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i also have a pIII 450, but I have overclocked that pIII 450 to 558mhz(124 at 4.5x) so it will do 1,679,150 keys/sec RC5; 7,013,451.91 keys/sec DES; 667,724.59 keys/sec CSC

I am running win98(1st) and for those who might wonder yes i do have a SL37C =))

Jonathan Ah Kit, you should look at the s-spec on your processor and see if it is a SL37C or a SL35D.  If it is either you should be able to easily run your computer with the 124mhz FSB(dependent on MB, RAM, and a few other components).  Doing so will cause you to benchmark about 30~35% faster with a 124mhz FSB, and up to 40~50% faster with a 133mhz FSB.  Just make sure you have good cooling past 124.

You might have already known all that in which case just ignore me.
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  Hi Dale,

  I have a PIII-450 set up, it's got a pretty clean Win98 installation (less than a week old; I got the Second Edition updates disc sitting here waiting to be installed) - it does around 1.11 to 1.13 mkeys/sec. I don't know how much it'd run under normal priority if I did a dnetc -bench, as (surprise surprise) I haven't done one yet properly.

  While we're here, could someone tell me the optimum core for the Intel PIII? That improperly-done run I did of -bench suggested I am absolutely sure a 2.3 mkeys/sec or so for one core.

  Hope this helps, though I see that some other people have responded! :)

  Jonathan Ah Kit.

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    If G4 Macs have been rated at 1.4M keys/sec or better,
    what is avarage Intel PIII 450mhz rated at?
    Dale Forster
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