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Mon Nov 29 17:03:11 EST 1999

Dale Forster wrote:

>  If G4 Macs have been rated at 1.4M keys/sec or better,what is avarage
> Intel PIII 450mhz rated at? ThanksDale Forster

Just an update, G4s are now rated at: 4.5M k/s at 450Mhz
The G3s still get the old 1.4M figure.

vetere :: 28-Nov-1999 18:50 (Sunday) ::

Dan Oetting has developed an AltiVec RC5 core. Tester Joseph McLean, who

has a 450 MHz Sawtooth machine, reported:

"Well now, it's working FINE and dandy on my G4/400. 4.5 Mkeys a second!

I scored 1.3 before! I'm sitting here watching a 2^32 block get cracked
right before my eyes..."
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