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The thing is that if you keep the voltage of the pIII 450 at 2.0v and overclock it doesn't make all that much more heat.  Kind of like the celeron 300A(which I also have) which would go from 300mhz to 450mhz with just a little more heat(which just so happened to be normal levels for normal pII 450mhz).  It's your choice, if you don't really need blistering speed then don't do it.

To tell the correct core just type "dnetc -bench" at the command prompt(minus the "") and watch to see which is fastest for each challenge.

here are my fastest cores if it helps
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  No, I don't want to overclock the PIII, it's going to be my favoured workstation in a few days.

  But anyone able to tell me what core I should be using for my P3? I can't tell you right now what it's using (I'm on my K6 right now and the logs I copied don't say which core), but any thoughts or reasoning?

  If anyone wants to see the logs up to a few minutes ago I have them on a floppy here to e-mail over.

  More on overclocking, maybe my K6-266 (does 430 to 450-ish kkeys/sec, BTW) I'll overclock. But even in the 'cold' climate here, with summer coming up (I live in the southernmost capital), the BIOS's overheat program kicks in a lot from November to March. That's when I get all the doors and windows in the room open too.

  Hehehehe, I must be blabbering now. I'll stop. :)

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