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David Hemmings david.hemmings at virgin.net
Sun Oct 3 02:55:21 EDT 1999

Saw this on a newsletter that I read - tips at tipworld.com

Maybe this could be useful ???

3DSP Corporation, a developer of high-performance, low-power digital signal
processing (DSP) technology, will soon sell its next generation of hard and
soft DSP IP cores for integration into digital appliances, such as
voice-over-IP products, 3G wireless phones, cable modems, and multimedia
3DSP is a leading California developer of DSP IP cores through its
commitment to developing DSP technology with superior performance,
programmability, and power consumption.
3DSP's new hard and soft DSP IP cores feature SuperSIMD (Super Scalar
Instruction Multiple Data) architecture that processes up to 3.2 billion
RISC equivalent instructions per second. That, opines The Crustacean, is
"bloody fast." This programming flexibility allows 3DSP's DSP IP cores to be
integrated into a variety of solutions and decreases time-to-market for DSP
IP system-on-chip integrators. 3DSP also develops and licenses DSP
system-on-chip integration and DSP software libraries.
What this means for consumers of products that used digital signal
processing chips is lower cost, better performance, and higher reliability.
In short, Moore's Law running rampant once again.
For details on the new 3DSP products, check out the Web site at
http://www.3dsp.com <http://www.3dsp.com>
These guys are strong up-and-comers worth paying close attention to.


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