[HARDWARE] hardware implementation state (FPGA)?

Alexander Hofstee alexander at hofstee.tmfweb.nl
Mon Oct 4 15:48:34 EDT 1999

I said it because i'm dutch myself and as far as i can remember i've never
seen any mail in dutch. I think we should use a language that (almost)
anyone on the web can understand. It's not that i'm against german or so. If
you use a language that the a group of members here can't understand there
is a group excluded who likes to respond but simply can't becouse he or she
dousn't understands the mail or the response on a sent mail. This wouldn't
help us all. I hope there aren't any more misunderstandings, i didn't meant
it bad at all !!!

Alexander Hofstee

            :    The box said Windows'95 or better, so i booted Linux!

>What does being dutch have to do with a german speaking german on an
>mailing list ????
>> >Hey das würde mich auch sehr interessieren , einige Kyprochips auf einer
>> Karte.
>> >
>> >Stephan Diemer schrieb:
>Greetings from a confused dutch,
>Otto Bruggeman.
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