[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

Mahmut Kursun mahmut.kursun at uumail.de
Tue Oct 5 00:19:19 EDT 1999

> Does ne1 know where i can i get parts to build a new box relatively
> cheap..Something i can crack a few blocks with yet won't crack my
> wallet..(eww yuckie pun..sorry) ..Thanks Brandon

either buy used P166MMX Intel + Board + Case + Floppy + cheap Video
+ 4-8 MB RAM and boot with MSDOS, overclock to 233 MHz and
let RC5 run in the ramdisc

or buy the same with cheap Celeron Boards + Celeron-A CPUs
The problem is, 32 MB SDRAMs are the smallest RAM modules
for such boards and these are very expensive at the moment.

put together a couple of these machines with each one
Keyboard but only one Monitor, or write a batchfile
that boots from floppydisc and calculates in RAM and writes the
Blocks back to the floppydisc, so you can take the floppydisc
to your main machine at a controlled time and send/recieve
blocks with mail.

I was looking for a program to include in such a batchfile,
that let the floppy LED blink, but didn´t found something.

Such systems are quiet, small and also do have less energy

If you want a cracker, you can buy the Abit Dual Celeron
Board + 2*C366 at 550 with 32 MB RAM and install Linux and compile
a SMP Kernel. This is one case and does about the same as
6* P166 at 233 or 3*Celeron366 and is sure the cheapest thing
at the moment for harddisc-based Systems. Do not think about
AMD K7, this one does only 1.5 MKeys/s and the dual C366 at 550
does about 3.1. Mkeys/s.
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