[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

Mahmut Kursun mahmut.kursun at uumail.de
Tue Oct 5 21:38:07 EDT 1999

>         Do you mean a single K7?  And at what clock?  I'd say if a single
k7-500 is about 1.5 Mkeys/s, running with Cyrix optimization. I heard
from somebody that testet it a month ago. He said the Cyrix optimization
is the best available at the moment.

> K7 (lets say at 550MHz- standard, not overclocked) is half as fast as two
> Celerons then there really isn't an advantage, is there?  Aside

Dual Celeron Board + 2*Overclocked 366 CPUs is half the price of
the AMD K7 500 CPU+Board. This means double the power for half the
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