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The CPU is going to run full bore at all times.  It ALWAYS runs at 100%.
So, if you are not satisfied with your keyrate on a given machine, you have
3 choices.

1) Change CPU.  This, obviously, defeats the purpose of this discussion.

2) Overclock your existing CPU.  This works to an extent, but you soon
become subject to the law of diminishing returns.  Each time you overclock
the CPU, you cut its lifespan down a little.  So is the increase in keyrate
worth the cost in longevity?  It gets worse when you consider that at higher
overclocks, you don't necessarily get a keyrate increase commensurate with
your increased speed.

3) Reduce CPU overhead.  This means changing OS and/or setting up the
machine to do ONLY rc5.

My solution?  Multiple machines (about 15 of them at the moment) running
Linux and doing NOTHING but rc5.  The only reason I can do that, though, is
that I build and distribute those machines.  I simply use my spare inventory
to burn rc5 keys.  I think I do ok.  :)

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OK then, can you recommend any way of squeezing more keys out of my AMD 475?

A solution available for some is expanding L2 cache and/or speeding
up the bus.  L2 cache of 1mb should hold any core running nowadays.
if you can't expand L2 try increasing bus speed between cpu and ram.
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