[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

mRgOBLIN goblin at scooter.co.nz
Wed Oct 6 11:04:58 EDT 1999

Jesper Monsted wrote:

> On Tue, 5 Oct 1999 ENOJON at delphi.com wrote:
> > turning off services in WinNT, OS/2 and daemons in Linux/Unixes
> > (or "angels" in Jesux) helps increase key rate because the processing
> > power is no longer divvied between the competing tasks/processes.
> And more RAM is left over (rarely a problem when only rc5'ing, but at
> normal times it might be) - some daemons eat up to 4-5 MB each.
> > also, adding another processor onto the motherboard -- as anandtech.com
> > testifies -- may not yield an exact "x2" or "x n" increase.  Processing
> > power with clusters of cpu-mem-storage boxes linked via 'net or other
> > high-speed links goes upward "x n" (n = # of boxes added to the cluster),
> > with some latency for file-share locking etc.
> When doing low-interrupt work like RC5, duals should get very close to 2x
> speed as the system won't block CPU2 often.

When running Linux the daemons only use a negligable amount of cpu when the are
idle but if your'e not using them shut them down... every little bit helps huh...

Also if you are starting rc5 from your /etc/rc.d/rc.local you can start it with

rc5des  --quiet
this will disable the video output

Sinc I'm on a Dial-up connection and use a firewall I can't have my clients
detecting either ppp0 or eth0 so I run a cronjob to flush at a time when I know I
will be online like this

30  22  *  *  *  ~/bin/rc5des --update


Can you say "Slackware Linux" without smiling ?

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