[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

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Tue Oct 5 18:28:58 EDT 1999

My personal preference is to create user & group accounts for  RC5.
   I've set up /distributed.net  as the home directory for the distributed group.

   I've changed ownership & permissions to files there to enable them to be run
by distributed & the logs to be viewed by users.
   I've set up the /distributed.net/.bash_profile with the last line as:
All I have to do is flip the machine on, and when it boots up, I log in as
distributed & voila!
Charley McGee wrote:

> Aaron,
> I haven't played with Linux sufficiently to become expert.  I simply perform
> the minimum install that it will let me get away with and leave it at that.
> As far as autostarting goes, I don't.  I start the machine, start the client
> and leave it running.  You could probably set up a cron job easily enough.
> It would be far from elegant, but it would be fairly easy.
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> Charley-
> I'd be interested if you found anything in the default Linux install that
> can be turned off to net more keys per second.
> Does turning off various daemons help increase the rate?
> Also, how do you autostart the client at machine boot up?
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