[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

Aaron C. Anderer aaron at otterpop.sbay.org
Wed Oct 6 10:07:33 EDT 1999

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Kristoffer Fagerlund wrote:

> The best way to increase you blocks ratio is to have the box up and running 
> 7/24 (7days a week 24 hours aday) ...   thats what I do .. :o)

Beyond that you need multiple machines/processors.  I've got 13 machines
running rc5des on various platforms from Linux/Intel, Sparc/SunOs,
Win95/NT/2000, and MacOS.  I've got more processing power on my Set at home
effort with 17 machines running that with a mix of Sparc/Solaris,
Intel/Linux, PPC-Mac/Linux, SGI/Irix, and Win95/NT/2000.


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