[HARDWARE] Processor slow down....

William Scott Lockwood III scottlockwood at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 7 11:58:52 EDT 1999

Winmodems do, because they are not "real" modems.  They shift running the
modem off on the processor.  Sounds like your new sound card may do the same
thing.  Remember:  If it's not ISA, and not external, it's NOT a real modem!


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| My Celeron 333 oc'd to 515 was crunching at about 1.4 mkey's/sec.   I
| recently upgraded my modem and sound cards from an ISA Sportster 28.8
| and an ESS1688 based sound card to a PCI Winmodem 56k and CL Ensoniq PCI
| sound card.   when I did that, the keys dropped to 1.05 mkey's/sec...
| Are PCI devices, even when not being used (not connected to the
| internet, and not using any sound) still taxing the CPU?
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