[HARDWARE] Processor slow down....

Charley McGee charleym at edmark.com
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You problem, most likely, lies more with the soundcard than the modem.  If
it is a USR (or similar) modem, I wouldn't worry TOO much about it.  It is
still eating some cpu time with drivers and TSRs, but nothing huge.
However, the Ensoniq card has a really bad driver problem.  Pardon my
language, but they suck.  Yes, they are even worse than the ESS line,
although its debateable where the ESS Solo-1 is concerned.  I work for a
division of IBM that produces educational software for children.  In our
testing lab, we have several identical machines where the only differences
are in modem and soundcard.  Using Win98 and checking available system
resources, we find that the machine equipped with the Ensoniq 56PCI is at
LEAST 13% lower in system resources than the others at any given time in any
given environment.  If that doesnt indicate a shitty driver, I don't know
what does.

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My Celeron 333 oc'd to 515 was crunching at about 1.4 mkey's/sec.   I
recently upgraded my modem and sound cards from an ISA Sportster 28.8
and an ESS1688 based sound card to a PCI Winmodem 56k and CL Ensoniq PCI
sound card.   when I did that, the keys dropped to 1.05 mkey's/sec...
Are PCI devices, even when not being used (not connected to the
internet, and not using any sound) still taxing the CPU?
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